Delivery to airfield Lelystad in the Netherlands

On Saturday the 14th, a special flight departing from Egelsbach took place to bring one of our colleagues from the club to the home base of his airplane in the Netherlands.

His airplane is one of the very last and rare SIAT 223 Flamingos. Due to international regulations, some works on his Dutch registered airplane must be done by an aviation service provider with certification in the Netherlands. In stead of a long day journey by train, the idea came up to fly.

A fast Piper P28U could be found to host the 3 participants. After beautiful weather condition over Germany, in the Netherlands, as closer to the coast, the visual flight conditions degraded so that the landing was done under so called ‘special VFR conditions’. After refreshing and enjoying the burgers and sandwiches at the airport restaurant, the returning flight brought both airplanes and crews safely back to the airfield in Egelsbach. 

About Schlagino

Club member since 2014, Invovled at many club events as Event manager. Pilot since 2015 and still fascinated by the mixture of the sky, clouds, sun and the landscape passing on the ground – or the mountains around :-)

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