After Work Flights

The After Work Flights are one of our most popular events. On the Summer afternoons, we gather together, fly in our planes to a nearby airfield, have dinner, and fly back.

Organization of AWFs

Our Operations Manager will take care of organizing the AWFs of the following few weeks. Stay tuned to the mailing list for announcements.

Typical schedule

  • Leave ESOC at 16:00, travel together with cars to the Airfield in Frankfurt- Egelsbach, Reinheim or Worms
  • Departing at ~17:00 with several Airplanes (2 up to 6 seater)
  • Landing somewhere on an airfield for dinner (when sunset is later than 20:00 local) 
  • Return to Home base

Especially for events during the weekend or on public holidays, the participants are free to agree a different time schedule

Blog entries

Look for the posts in the AWF category.


  • A flight event can get registered as club event when minimum two machines are participating
  • Exceptional cases for flight events with only one participating aircraft are situations with late cancellation – or if due to difficult weather conditions on that day, only one pilot decided not to start 
  • Each club member can organise and arrange club events and after work flights. For this, it is necessary to follow the club internal regulations. For registration as club event the information of planned activities must be shared beforehand with all club members via mail or the club group at Threema. 
  • The final responsibility for flight planning with weather, fuel, weight & balance, all necessary preparations and the safe execution of the flight remains at the pilot in command.
  • Participation in an After Work Flight is open to Club members only.
  • Costs for flying during club events are getting spilt as followed:
    • There is no cap on the real cost of a plane
    • Flight costs & time will be defined a‐priori to a trip using a standard route and standard plane (C172) 
    • Passengers should expect to pay 80 Euros/h of flight time 
    • The club will pay the landing fees (bill needs to be provided within 4 weeks after the event) 
    • The rest of budget allocated for AWFs will be split at the end of the year among the pilots that participated in the AWFs (by number of joined AWFs)
    • The rest of the individual costs for the airplane is remaining with the pilot
  • Example: Flight from Egelsbach to Walldürn with two planes, three passengers
    • Return flight time standard plane 52 minutes + 10 minutes approach and landing, total time 62 minutes
    • Cost per passenger is: 80/60*62 = 82.66 Euros and thus passengers contribute a total amount of 248 Euros to the after-work flight
    • Plane 1 costs 80 Euros/h (e.g. HFC Plane), Plane 2 costs 350 Euros/h (private operation), the total cost of the after work flight is assumed to be 444.33 Euros
    • Percentage of cost covered by passenger contributions: 248/444.33 = 55.8 %
    • Pilot 1 receives 46.14 Euros (55.8% of the individual cost of 82.66 Euros for 62 minutes of flight)
    • Pilot 2 receives 201.86 Euros (55.8% of the individual cost of 361.66 Euros for 62 minutes of flight)