The ESA Aviators are supporting AOPA Germany via a Club membership. Any member of the ESA Aviators can also become a member of AOPA Germany at a reduced price.

You can find more info about AOPA Germany at 

Why join AOPA?

There are several reasons you might want to join AOPA:

  • They offer courses (mountain training, survival, etc.) at lower rates
  • They offer renewal of English proficiency certificate
  • Discounts at different online shops for members
  • Fuel discounts for members
  • They read through the EASA rules and make sure that they are in line with the needs of G/A
  • They offer insurances or liaise for insurances
  • Support with law and formalities for members
  • The magazine is available online for members. Christian also puts a physical copy at the Aviators room, but the availability is of course hindered by Corona.
  • But most importantly, AOPA is an institution which does an incredible job in supporting General Aviation. That is why they also need our support.


The yearly AOPA fee for individual members is 130 €. If you are part of a Club, the fee is reduced to 75 €.

In addition, currently the ESA Aviators club is partially supporting the yearly membership fee. Instead of 75 €, you only have to pay 55 € to become a member of AOPA.

How to become a member of AOPA Germany

Just drop us an email! We will be glad of having more members supporting AOPA.

Of course, a prerequisite is that you join the club!