Services and Support

The Club offers several services and support for members (follow the links where available to know more):

  • We have equipment available for loan. Take a look at the equipment page for instructions and list of items.
  • If you have a planning software like SkyDemon, your yearly subscription fee is partly supported (depending on available budget).
  • If you did some training, the costs are partly supported by the Club, 10€ per flight hour with instructor (license renewals excluded).
  • We buy DFS charts each year. The charts bought by the Club are available for all members in the Club room. If you want you can use the opportunity to buy charts for yourself (you pay for the charts you buy; the process is announced each year in the mailing list).
  • The Club room has a PC with several flight simulators available, and interesting peripherals.
  • The simulators can be used to log hours. Ask in the mailing list for more info.
  • You can be member of AOPA Germany at a discount rate.
  • Many knowledgeable people in the mailing list may answer any questions you might have!

Club room

The Club room is located at ESOC in room S005. If you have access to ESOC and are part of the Aviators Club, you can validate your badge for entry access at the badge reader in building K, close the cafeteria. In case of problems, contact the committee.