Flight Planning & Execution

Featured Tools for ESA Aviators

We are favoring two tools for Flight planning:

SkyDemon is a great tool for VFR Flight Planning and execution with various kinds of mobiles and tablets.  Talk to us about it!

Autorouter is an online-tool for filing IFR and VFR flight plans. Live reports on FPL, METEO and others via messenger apps on mobile in order to use the limited coverage during flight – really useful and for free!!

Very comfortable online VFR flightplanning www.fl95.de

Clearly – the DFS offers VFR-e-Bulletin online which is the official source for NOTAMs and Flightplan filing in Germany

Further interesting and useful tools

Useful places to find information and comments about airports: www.airports.de / EDDH.de / www.ourairports.com

Skyvector online worldwide routing too

DINS (US – Army/Navy/AirForce/MarineCorps) similar to the DFS sources.

Military approach charts CENOR – or CENOR FLIP

www.helipad.org – Search engine for Helipads

www.blitzplan.de – Flightplanning with Meteo

Birdtams and reporting form for birdstrikes on www.davvl.de

Flying to France – check this – you’ll find all information about active military airspaces and many others. www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/default_uk.htm

Very good german site about flying in France: http://fliegen-in-frankreich.de

MIL-AIP Deutschland

http://www.gpsies.com/  Coordinates for addresses

SunCalc.Net – Optical daylight representation