The ESA Aviators

The ESA Aviators are a mix of various aviation enthusiasts ranging from passengers of our regular after work flights to commercial airline pilots. We are gilder, microlight, motor plane and helicopter pilots. Some of us have seaplane, multi-engine, instrument and aerobatics ratings. But you definitely don’t need to hold a license to join and enjoy the club!
All of our members are ESA Staff, Contractors or affiliates who share the same interests and passion of flying.

What we do

The main activities of our club:

  • We gather for an Aviators lunch the first Wednesday of each month, typically at the ESOC cantine
  • Especially during summer, we do after-work flights: we fly to a nearby airport, have dinner, and fly back, usually even with some formation flight.
  • The Club has equipment that can be leased by the members: headsets, charts, books…
  • The Club room has a PC equipped with a Flight Simulator, which can be used for practice and even to log hours.
  • We organize longer trips to other airport in Europe
  • We also have organized visits to places like the ADAC helicopter facilities at Bonn

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